Posted on 2003

MBV'S Speech Delivered during the 7th Anniversary, Center for Small Entrepreneurs

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to greet the officers and members of the Center for Small Entrepreneurs as they celebrate their Seventh Anniversary.

You have invited me today to talk about entrepreneurship in your conference with the theme… “Sa krisis ng ekonomiya, entre-pinoy ang bida.”

I would like to congratulate the organization for its notable achievements and valuable contributions to the country’s economic development.

The theme of your conference this year marks an optimistic note on the domestic economy—that people should not despair during hard times, but instead, they should look for opportunities that would help them ride through the difficult times. Your organization has focused on entrepreneurship as an important tool in helping Filipinos overcome economic difficulties. Your efforts are truly laudable and worth emulating by other civic groups. You have taken a pro-active stance in becoming an active partner of the government in its goal to uplift the economy, its battle against poverty and its dream to achieve a better life for every Filipino.

I believe that a solid program to encourage and create more entrepreneurs is the key to give livelihood opportunities to jobless Filipinos and curb the rising rate of unemployment in the country.

There must be entrepreneurial programs that will encourage more Filipinos to start their own businesses no matter how small.

Filipinos must remember that most of the successful businessmen today started from scratch.

So the government must not only find ways to create jobs for the people, but it must also focus on creating more Filipino entrepreneurs.

Let us remember that creating more entrepreneurs will mean more job opportunities for the people.

Allow me to discuss some of the salient bills that I have filed in the senate aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among Filipinos.

ONE, the Micro-Cottage Industries Act…that would mandate government to provide technical support to potential small and medium entrepreneurs as well as expand credit facilities.

TWO, a bill that seeks to introduce entrepreneurship subjects in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools through the creation of the National Commission on Entrepreneurial Education.

THREE, the Business One-Stop Shop or BOSS Center Act…which would facilitate prospective businessmen to fulfill the documentary requirements of starting an enterprise.

FOUR, a bill that would grant non-tax incentives to countryside and barangay business enterprises with capitalization of less than 500-thousand pesos.

These incentives include access to credit capitalization, technical training support, and marketing assistance.

This would generate more employment opportunities, help increase the income of rural people, and promote the market for indigenous products.

For those who prefer a convenient and less risky way of doing business…they can turn to franchising.

But franchisees may suffer substantial financial losses when the franchisor does not provide truthful or complete information regarding the franchising opportunity.

This is what my fifth bill on entrepreneurship is all about—the “Small Business Franchise Act.”

I am sure that most of you dream of expanding your existing businesses and for those who have not establish their businesses would like to do so in the nearest time possible.

There is nothing wrong about dreaming to become rich. It is perfectly natural for people to aspire for prosperity.

But may I remind you that as budding entrepreneurs, you must not only focus on profits but also ethics.

Do your share in your community. Learn to give and be generous. You would be reaping more.

I am confident that your conference today will be a success. I hope it will be fruitful and productive. You can be assured i will continue to craft legislative measures that would uplift the lives of Filipinos.

Together, let us make the government and the people aware on the important role of entrepreneurs in our quest for industrial growth and economic development. May this conference inspire us all that we can make change in society. Let us stop being a nation of migrant workers…let us all work together to become a nation of entrepreneurs.

Laging tandaan, sa Sipag at Tyaga, dyan tayo aasenso.

Thank you and good day.

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