Posted on 2000


ALMIGHTY FATHER, we the representatives

of the Filipino people, humbly implore You to

bless us in this time of crisis for today we

have a divided nation and a House divided.

We ask Your light and grace,

So that we do and act, and vote for on this

Momentous and historic day

Is what our heart of hearts tells us

The inner voice of our conscience,

The inner voice that is Your Voice,

The inner voice that is the Voice of Truth

Lord, we implore You to grant us strength

 to withstand the temptation of money and power,

Reject pressures of friends and family

In order to discern right from wrong in as clear a

Manner as distinguishing light from dark.

Give us strength, that we may rise above

Selfish & partisan interests so that we may

Always attune our individual & collective efforts

to what is good for all.

Grant that we do personally,

And collectively,

will be looked upon kindly by history.

For this moment is a turning point in our lives.

Have mercy in our country & people

In the midst of this great crisis,

A crisis of leadership that reflects an erosion of

People's confidence in their government

A crisis of political confidence that is sending

Brother Filipinos against brother Filipinos,

A crisis of economic confidence that is threatening

to make the poor even poorer,

A crisis of social confidence that is testing the

strength of our democratic institutions.

Even as we are battered by a political & economic storm, we pray for your protection

Deliver us from the forces of divisiveness now tearing our nation apart

Grant us the grace to focus more on the great many things that unite us.

Now more than ever, our nation is at the crossroads between peace and chaos.

Use this Chamber, Almighty Father, as Your

instrument to promote the ends of truth and justice.

The power of choice is in our hands, guide us in

choosing well, with courage, that we may face

 four family and loved ones, our supporters and

 our precious friends with the confidence that

 comes from listening to our inner conscience - 

that tiny part where our souls reside -

And acting out and becoming an instrument of

Your will.

Let this institution be a house that generations of

Filipinos after us will refer to as the Chamber where

truth and justice reigned supreme,

an institution that went through

conversion and, in the virulent fire of crisis,

emerged victorious underneath your banners.

You have been always with us in all stages

 of our history as a nation

Please be with us, once more, when we need

You most!


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