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It's Cold Outside

It has been chilly the past few days here in Metro Manila. Last Jan. 27, the temperature was at its lowest for the year at 19.9°C. I usually wake up very early in the morning and I can feel the nippy weather as soon as I get up. It is perfect weather to do some brisk walking or jogging and have some hot coffee afterwards. We need to take advantage of this cool weather and enjoy it while it lasts. PAGASA says it will probably last until mid-February. Why can’t we have this weather all year long? 

But Baguio is on a whole different level of cold weather. PAGASA recorded the City of Pines’ lowest temperature at 9.8°C last Saturday. I visited the so-called “Summer Capital of the Philippines” last December. It was not 9.8°C cold but it was bring-out-your-jacket cold. 

Filipinos have great memories of their Baguio experiences. It is part of our memories with our family, our friends. I am pretty sure many recall their first scary ride via the Kennon Road. I remember there were a lot of stories of vehicular accidents along that road but these were not enough to deter people from going up to Baguio especially during the summer months. The Lion’s Head, of course, is an obligatory stopover for picture-taking. 

Then when you get to the city there is Session Road, Burnham Park, the city market, Mines View Park, and riding horses at Wright Park. I remember enjoying a stroll at Burnham Park and enjoying the cool weather and the smell of pine trees. I really love trees and greeneries. Even when I was in college in UP, I loved walking around the Diliman campus and taking all the nature in.

But Baguio is more than a cool mountain retreat for folks escaping from Manila. It is not just one of the country’s tourist spots. Otherwise why would we come back again and again even after we have seen all its attractions. I think we keep coming back for the experience; the experience we share with people we love. Baguio has provided us with a lot of beautiful memories from childhood to adulthood.


I am sure many of the Filipino visitors go to Baguio just to chill — literally and figuratively. You do not have to go around anymore, you’ve probably seen all the sites. So you wake up, just go somewhere and have coffee while taking in the view. It is as simple as that. That was precisely what I did during my last visit.

I was there to visit the location of Bern, a four-tower luxury leisure development by Brittany Corporation. This is Brittany’s first luxury development in Baguio City which we imagine will be enjoyed by those seeking that ultimate dreamy Swiss mountain lifestyle, all steeped in luxury and tranquility. 

Specifically, I was there to visit our newest cafe, Coffee Project Bern. I had coffee while I enjoyed the mountainous landscape of Baguio. It was magnificent and it was beautiful. I know people have been complaining about the traffic and that there are too many people in Baguio now. But there is a reason why millions visit this city yearly — it is simply gorgeous! I have always liked our coffee at Coffee Project but the cup of joe I had that day was made extra delicious because of the stunning views.

Sometimes you need to decompress and step away from the hectic life we live. Some people sky dive, some go to the beach, while others go to retreats. Me? I am perfectly fine right here, my palms feeling the warmth of the coffee mug, looking at the mountains, listening to the rustling of leaves as the cool breeze embraces you. It’s like having coffee in the clouds. 




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